MoMA workshop: Caring for Time-Based Media Artworks in Collection

Posted on Wed, 11/01/2017 - 09:58


Museum of Modern Art, New York

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Workshop 2



Monday, June 11 - Friday, June 15, 2018 at The Museum of Modern Art, NY

Does your institution have a collection of time-based media artworks in need of a long-term preservation plan? Are you uncertain where to get started? This five-day hands-on workshop will provide an in-depth overview of the processes and workflows which can be implemented at collections without dedicated time-based media conservators. Participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to design and execute action plans at their institutions.

Caring for time-based media art collections is widely acknowledged as a pan-institutional endeavor requiring direct involvement from curatorial, conservation, audio visual, IT, registration and collection care staff. This collaboration will be reflected throughout the curriculum as well as in the workshop application itself which requires a pair of colleagues from each applying institution. This workshop specifically requires that a curator and collection care specialist apply together as these positions have the expertise and authority to advocate for proper collection stewardship. The curriculum will cover activities pertaining to acquiring, exhibiting, installing, documenting, and advocating for media artworks.

Requirements for Application: This workshop is open to pairs of applicants: one curator and one conservator/collection care staff member (conservator, audio visual technician, collection specialist or manager, etc.) directly responsible for the care of the time-based media art collection. Priority will be given to institutions who are actively acquiring, with mid-sized media artwork collections that have significant needs, and require in-house staff training. Participants are expected to attend the full week-long program.  

How to Apply: Applicants must provide a joint letter of interest (1,000 words maximum), and one letter of institutional support from the Director, or equivalent level. Co-applicants must be permanent members of staff (full or part-time) and each must provide a CV. Additionally, applicants must complete one online Collection Data Form.  Applications which do not meet all requested requirements will not be considered.

The letter of interest must include: 1) why participation in this workshop is important to the collection; 2) a brief history of the media art collection; 3) candidates’ work with the media art collection to date; 4) how this workshop directly applies to applicants’ day-to-day work; 5) evidence of institutional commitment such as working groups, any specific initiatives or surveys, and demonstrable institutional desire to take action; and 6) prior experience with the topic or lack thereof as well as any relevant conferences or workshops attended on related topics.   

Travel and lodging expenses may be reimbursed, based on need. Please submit a basic budget of anticipated costs as part of the application. There is no fee for this workshop; English will be the language of instruction. Applications should be submitted to no later than January 16, 2018 with notifications expected by early to mid March. For more information:  


This workshop is part of The Museum of Modern Art's Media Conservation Initiative, generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Media Conservation Initiative seeks to advance new strategies for the field of time-based media art preservation and restoration.