INCCA (Book) Talk with Thea van Oosten

Posted on Thu, 01/05/2023 - 14:06

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Properties of Plastics by Thea B. van Oosten
Book cover of Properties of Plastics by Thea B. van Oosten.

Thea van Oosten is a world-renowned expert in the conservation of plastics. Last year, she published a rich and extensive guide for conservators, curators, collectors and students drawing on many years of research and teaching with the book Properties of Plastics – a Guide for Conservators. Join us for an INCCA Talk with Thea to discuss this publication and recent developments in the conservation of plastics on the 9 Feb 2023 at Amsterdam 17.00/London 16.00/Gweru 18.00/Seoul 1am 10th February/Mexico City 10am/LA 8am.

Learn more about the publication Properties of Plastics – a Guide for Conservators here and register for the Talk here.