Fred Eversley: Screening and Artist Q&A (in-person and online)

Posted on Thu, 09/22/2022 - 01:39
Man in foreground wearing black shirt looks upward, a circular translucent pink sculpture is in the background.


Los Angeles (and online)

Date and time


On Wednesday, October 5, at 4–5pm PDT at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the Getty Conservation Institute will host a screening of the film Fred Eversley, The Shape of Energy (11 minutes), followed by a Q&A with the artist, exploring his work through the perspective of its conservation. Eversley has been creating captivating resin parabolas since the 1960s, drawing from his training as an engineer, an early career in the aerospace industry, and a lifelong interest in different forms of energy. His highly polished sculptures, made from polyester and acrylic plastics, reflect, transmit, and concentrate light, sound, and space.


Getty Conservation Institute