Copies for Climate Workshop, Online and Free, 16 September 2022. [Organised as part of the conference Reshaping the Collectible: Learning Through Change, Tate]

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Friday 16 September, 09.30–11.30
Workshop: Copies for Climate? [Organised as part of the conference 'Reshaping the Collectible: Learning Through Change']

As part of the Reshaping the Collectible research project, the project team revisited the question of replication in response to the increasing range of drivers that have emerged in recent years for remaking, remastering, or reproducing works of art. As part of this research, it was noted that in discussions about specific cases, considerations of the comparative carbon footprint of various scenarios were increasingly part of the criteria being considered as part of decision-making, particularly in relation to the creation of exhibition copies.

To better understand the data around these decisions, we invited Henry McGhie (Curating Tomorrow) and Jacob Chu and his team at Co2Action to work with staff across Tate to examine a range of scenarios.

The first hour of the workshop aims to share this work more widely, and also to introduce a calculator, the Replication Carbon Footprint Tool, created by Gabriela Indriago, Jacob Chu and Camilla Kapustina at Co2Action. This calculator is designed to help understand how replication options affect the carbon footprint of exhibitions and loans.

Participants are welcome to leave after the first hour or stay on for the second hour to join breakout groups and talk about how this applies to their particular situation and to hear about the experiences of others in different parts of the world in more detail.

Two types of breakout groups will run simultaneously:
• Groups of 3 people will join Henry and Jacob for ten minutes to discuss a particular issue that participants have experienced around the environmental impact of replication/exhibition copies or another broader issue related to their work on sustainability.

If you would like to take part in a small group session with Henry and Jacob, please email to book a place. While there’s no need to prepare anything formal, please come to the workshop having thought about the issue you want to discuss. Six groups will take place in the hour, and therefore there will be a total of 18 slots available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Groups of 4 to 5 people to discuss issues with peers, which will last for as much of the hour as participants wish. These groups will be randomly assigned on the day.
There will be no feedback session after the breakout groups, so participants are free to leave if their peer group closes or if they wish to leave for any other reason. However, if you have also signed up for a session with Henry and Jacob and are still waiting for your slot, you will be returned to the Zoom Lobby (waiting room) to wait to be called.

• Jacob Chu, VP of Sustainability Solutions, Co2Action LLC
• Pip Laurenson, Project Lead for Reshaping the Collectible: When Artworks Live in the Museum, Tate. Professor of Conservation UCL.
• Henry McGhie, consultant specialising in museums, sustainability, and the Sustainable Development Goals, Curating Tomorrow
• Alyson Rolington, Head of Collection Management, Tate



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