Conference: Historic and Modern Assemblages: Treatments of Wood Based Multimedia Artworks/Interiors in Context

Posted on Mon, 12/14/2015 - 13:32
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany


University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany

Date and time

Joint interim Conference of ICOM-CC Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer Working Group and Sculpture, Polychromy and Architectural Decoration Working Group.
The conference is kindly supported by the German Association of Conservator-Restorers (VDR) Specialty Group: Furniture and Wooden Artifacts.  Hosted in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.
Set within the historic gardens and palaces of Potsdam, this conference will focus on site-specific wooden works of art of a
composite nature.  Included in this broad theme are the exploration of the purpose and the complex means used to create these works
consisting of multiple elements and mixed materials as well as the conservation strategies designed to preserve and display them.  This three-day conference will bring together an international roster of conservators, art historians, conservation scientists, and artists
to share new research, past experiences, and their specific and varied expertise.
The conference will be divided into two days of presentations and followed by a day with guided tours of historic sites, museums and
conservation studios.  Lunch and coffee breaks will be accompanied by posters displayed in the main hall.
Presentations will focus in sessions on the following themes:
  • Assemblages in-situ: Architectural interiors
  • Conservation in-situ: Methods and challenges
  • Assemblages set in the museum context: Western, non-western and religious
  • Innovative techniques for documentation, conservation technology and analysis
The conference will be held in English.