EIFLER, A. Diploma thesis on Claes Oldenburg: „The Street“ - exemplary restoration and conservation treatment of the element ‘Street Sign II’ using a 3D-laserscan for documentation, 2009

Posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 10:59

Anna Eifler

specialised in conservation and restoration of books and paper, Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Cologne






Claes Oldenburg: „The Street“ - exemplary conservation and restoration treatment of the element ‘Street Sign II’ using a 3D-laserscan for documentation



Corrugated cardboard, 3D laserscan, documentation, Oldenburg



The environment ‘The Street’ (1960) by Claes Oldenburg is described and classified referring to art history. After giving a review of the previous restoration measures the present damages to the different materials, especially corrugated cardboard, are exposed. Accordingly ethic problems as to restoration measures are discussed. Series of tests are done in order to find the ideal techniques for the restoration of corrugated cardboard. These techniques are used for the exemplary restoration treatment of the piece Street Sign II. In order to document the damages to this piece a 3D-Laserscan is made. In this regard the advantages and disadvantages of this method for the documentation of art and mapping of damages are discussed. The restoration of the piece is done while particularly considering the consolidation of the fragile corrugated cardboard. Furthermore a conservation and restoration strategy for the whole environment is developed as well as an improvement of the current packaging.



Prof. Dr. Robert Fuchs and Dipl. Rest. Yvonne Garborini






Through the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences