ECPA Workshops on Photography

Posted on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 11:36
ECPA - Workshops on Management of Photographic Collections, May 1-5, 2000, Copenhagen and June 5-9, 2000, Amsterdam. Organisers: Royal Library of Denmark, Copenhagen; National Photographic Conservation Studios, Rotterdam; European Commission on Preservation and Access, Amsterdam.
'Management of Photographic Collections'
May 1-5, 2000, Copenhagen
June 5-9, 2000, Amsterdam
Organisers: Royal Library of Denmark, Copenhagen, National Photographic
Conservation Studios, Rotterdam, the Netherlands European Commission on
Preservation and Access, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Librarians, archivists and curators in charge of photographic materials
need to know about the role of new technology in collection management.
Digital imaging offers unprecedented opportunities for access to
historical materials. But how can it be combined with established
preservation methods in an integrated strategy, to ensure optimal access
today as well as in the future?
The characteristics of various photographic processes and the different
materials encountered in photographic collections will be reviewed.
Specific requirements for their handling and preservation will be related
to the nature and function of different types of photographic collections.
The workshops will explore the different methods for capturing images
(especially for fragile or sensitive materials), technical requirements in
relation to image quality, and long-term management of digital files. Due
attention will be given to aspects like needs assessment, setting
priorities, planning, budgeting and outsourcing, and project management.
In the scope of the workshop, participants will acquire knowledge of
technical issues that will enable them to make informed decisions about
the role of digitisation in care and management of photographic
The speakers include leading figures from the field of photographic
conservation, preservation management, and digital imaging. A substantial
part of the workshops will be spent on discussions and group assignments
to develop participants' skills in finding their own solutions.
The course will be in English.
Target group: All those responsible for photographic collections in
archives, museums, libraries. For this introductory course, no specific
expertise of photographic techniques or digital imaging is required.
Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of English in order
to participate in discussions.
Workshop leaders Copenhagen
Susie Clark
Independent photo conservator and consultant
York, UK
Ingrid Fischer Jonge
National Museum of Photography/Royal Library of Denmark
Franziska Frey
Imaging scientist
Image Permanence Institute
Rochester, USA
Magdalena Gram
Royal Library of Sweden
Hans de Herder
Director, National Photographic Conservation Studios
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Jonas Palm
Head of Preservation, Royal Library of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Morten Ryhl-Svendsen
School of Conservation
Workshop leaders Amsterdam
Mattie Boom
Curator, Rijksmuseum
Franziska Frey
Imaging scientist, Image Permanence Institute
Rochester, USA
Hans de Herder
Director, National Photographic Conservation Studios
René van Horik
Digital imaging specialist
Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services
Bertrand Lavedrine
Director, Centre de Recherches sur la Conservation des Documents
Douglas Munson
Chicago Albumen workshop
Adri Verburg
Independent photographer and consultant
The Netherlands
The workshops are part of a one-year project, `Safeguarding European
Photographic Images for Access' (SEPIA), funded by the European Union
under the Framework Programme in Support of Culture.
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1000 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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