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Posted on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 13:34

CoCARe is an interdisciplinary PhD and Postdoc Network for Conservation of Contemporary Art Research. The network brings together international researchers in the humanities, social sciences, conservation science, and other related areas. Its main goal is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise among early and mid-career researchers in the field of conservation of contemporary art.

The network is associated to INCCA and has its own group page within the INCCA website, where you can find information on finished and upcoming PhD and Postdoc research and come into contact with fellow members. Members also meet face-to-face on occasion to share experiences.

The PhD & postdoctoral research-network was established on June 10, 2010 during the Contemporary Art: Who Cares? symposium in Amsterdam. Currently the network consists of 120 members from over 60 organisations in 22 countries all over the world. Since 2010, several meetings and work‐in-progress workshops took place, for example in Maastricht, Lisbon and Glasgow. Besides these gatherings, a Linked-in group (with now over three hundred followers) and a Twitter profile was established to facilitate communication.

Moreover, a Facebook group was recently created to promote the network and extend it by including also artists and other professionals of the field of contemporary art.


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Image removed.Federica Bressan:
Post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University in Belgium. Marie Curie IF grantee (2017-2019) Image removed.Serena Francone:
Professional conservator and restorer of contemporary art. 



Past coordinators: Sophie Kromholz and Anna Schäffler.                                                                                                                              Initiators: Vivian van Saaze and Ariane Noël de Tilly.




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