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Posted on Fri, 06/26/2020 - 21:03
Thematic Dossier Call PAPER: SUPPORT FOR ART AND INFORMATION Revista Pós #21 (May 2021) Electronic ISSN 2238-2046 Invited Editor: Márcia Almada, PhD. Associate Professor at the Fine Arts School / the Federal University of Minas Gerais. This Thematic Dossier intends to reunite unpublished studies on paper as a support for art and information. The articles will deal with themes of production, circulation and conservation, considering the perspectives of Art, History and Preservation in their most diverse approaches, such as the studies of techniques, practices or materials. We will promote an interdisciplinary debate around the presence, use and permanence of paper in societies from the 15th to the 21st centuries. Topics of interest: 1. History of papermaking, commerce and use in the western world; 2. Materials which interact with paper: inks, paints, adhesives, coatings, fillers, etc.; 3. Topics on the preservation of graphic documents – manuscripts, prints, works of art, books, etc.; 4. New techniques and materials for the conservation of graphic documents and works of art on paper; 5. Paper as support for sculptures – changing the dimensionality; 6. Drawing or painting? Conceptual discussions on art on paper; 7. Collecting and collectors of documents and graphic art. The themes above do not exclude other approaches, as long as the paper is in the central focus. We intend to provide an open dialogue for researchers in the academic, practical and artistic fields to present their recent and unpublished researches and reflections. Revista Pós accepts articles in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French. Deadline for submission is October 15th, 2020. The editorial norms can be seen at