Book: The Artist Interview (2012)

Posted on Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:52

The Artist Interview. For conservation and presentation of contemporary art. Guidelines and practice. 

Lydia Beerkens (


The key to conserving and preserving modern and contemporary works of art lies in the gathering of specific content related and technical information. This must have publication is the first comprehensive handbook of guidelines and good practices with easy to follow tips, checklists and sample interviews that provide the tools needed to retrieve accurate information from the artists who created the works. For curators, conservators, scientists, artists, lawyers and art historians, this unprecedented book is a collaboration between SBMK (Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art) and the RCE (Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands). Featured essays by Lydia Beerkens, Tatja Scholte and Sanneke Stigter, among many others.


ISBN 978-94-90322-32-8

Date of pulbication: April 2012