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Symposium: MAPS - Media Art Preservation Symposium (2015)

Saturday, January 16, 2016 - 23:54
MAPS - Media Art Preservation Symposium took place in December 2015. It was organised by the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest. The lifetime of media artworks – such as photo, video, film, digital art, internet based and other digital contents – is significantly shorter than that of artworks made with traditional techniques (paintings, statues, monuments etc.). Compared to artworks preserved in museums, the obsolescence of technical devices is considerably faster. Media artworks belong to our cultural heritage. However, such a changing environment requires different preservation strategies for long-term sustainability as opposed to traditional painting, statue and object prevention processes. Methodology of archiving, collecting, presenting, conserving media art as well as specialised professional training are entirely new fields for professionals working in Hungarian public collections. The associate partner of Ludwig Museum is C3 Center for Culture & Communication.