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3d Printed PET Rabbit

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 19:40
This PET plastic rabbit was printed on a Delta Tower 3D Printer, it can print up to 3 feet tall. Unfortunately the printer has an open print bed area and fluctuations in temperature and humidity can result in imperfections during printing. For this large scale rabbit this was just the case, the upper rear end of the rabbit was missing areas of material resulting in an unfinished look and loss of consistent texture along the body of the rabbit. Using silicone a skin mold was created using another part of the rabbits body, the mold was left to cure overnight. Once removed the mold had the texture of the rabbit fur. Apoxie Sculpt was applied to the areas of loss and the skin mold was pressed against the infill in order to reproduce the texture. After 24 hours the infill cured and the areas were hand painted using multiple different colours of acrylic paint. A UV resistant clear coat was applied in order to replicate the original glossy colour.