Audio interviews with famous artists at BBC Radio, website

Posted on Mon, 09/08/2008 - 13:49
The website of BBC - Radio 3 - Work in Progress provides online access to radio interviews with visual artists. Among others with Tacita Dean, Gary Hume, Natasha Kerr, Issam Kourbaj, Martin Parr.



The website of BBC 4 provides online access to a considerable number of audio interviews with famous artists.




Francis Bacon who talks to David Silvester about the glazing and framing of his pictures.

Anthony Caro (e.g. about the creative process of sculpting, his interest in painting and his thoughts about the definitions of sculpture).

Helen Chadwick

Tony Cragg (e.g. about his interest in mega molecules, structures and science).

Lucian Freud

Elisabeth Frink (e.g. about making sculpture, her working method and why she makes a series of a single subject).

Antony Gormley (e.g. about his working method).

Barbara Hepworth

Richard Long

Bridget Riley (e.g. about pictorial space, the renaissance painters, Mondrian and Francis Bacon).

Andy Warhol (e.g. about portrait painting, his choice of subject, his process).


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