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Videos: Art In L.A. - Artist Dialogues

Getty Conservation Institute
Art in L.A. - Artist Dialogues
The Artist Dialogues video series engages artists in conversations exploring their art, materials, fabrication processes and working methods, as well as their thoughts on conservation.
Using Los Angeles as a microcosm of contemporary art, these Dialogues aim to capture artists' overarching philosophy and attitudes towards materiality, process, concept, longevity, legacy, and conservation. As a series, Artist Dialogues strives to present the complexity, fluidity and diversity of artists' attitudes towards conservation and to make this information easily accessible to conservators, curators and art historians, as well as the interested public.
Each Dialogue is based on extensive research and interviews, the resulting videos tell a highly condensed and edited story in the artist's own words. Transcripts of full interviews will be made available to conservation and visual arts professionals upon request.
The following videos are online:
Peter Alexander: The Color of Light
Larry Bell: Seeing Through Glass
Finder Keeper: The Art of Gabriel Kuri
David Lamelas: The Life of Ideas
Helen Pashgian: Transcending the Material
Analia Saban: The Idea Within
De Wain Valentine: From Start to Finish the Story of Gray Column
(updated August 2018)