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Project: Tony Smith Wiki (2012-2013)

World-renowned American artist Tony Smith has been selected as the inaugural artist for the INCCA-NA Artist Research Project. The first part of this groundbreaking project launched on August 1st 2012, with an ambitious effort to encourage people to photograph, document, research, and geolocate the more than 100 public artworks made by Smith currently on view around the globe. Rather than print this information, we are asking everyone around the world (The Crowd) to work together and complete the project by using Wikipedia and Flickr.  While Smith made many artworks in a variety of media, he is best known for his outdoor sculptures, which range from the small to monumental scale. However, there is no up-to-date and complete online inventory that identifies the current location of these works. Collating well-researched articles in Wikipedia and complimenting this with current photographs in Flickr will dramatically increase awareness about these works and therefore allow for the continued advocacy for their proper care and maintenance.

To facilitate this project, INCCA-NA has partnered with WikiProject Public Art, a Wikipedia-based resource, to create and house a comprehensive list of Smith’s artworks. To learn more about how to contribute information to this project, please see the PDF on the right.
INCCA-NA has built a project which relies on those that care about Tony Smith’s artworks and who want to make a difference by helping to document an important artist’s work in the world’s most accessible and important online encyclopedia and on the most-used image sharing site. Get involved!