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PhD Research: On the artist’s side : bridging the gap between creation and conservation (Sophie Lei)

Name : Sophie Lei

Title of research project / research interests : On the artist’s side : bridging the gap between creation and conservation

Type of research e.g. PhD or Postdoc : PhD

Affiliation(s) : Roma Tre University (Architecture Department) and Maastricht University (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS)

Supervisor(s) : Maria Segarra Lagunes (Roma Tre University) and Renée van de Vall (Maastricht University)

(Estimated) date of completion : December 2018 with presentation  of the final thesis in July 2019

Previous education and/or work experience : Master’s Degrees in Political Sciences, Communication and International Cooperation – Then Journalist and then Filmakers’ Community Manager for Film Festival

Abstract :

In Contemporary Art the border between author and conservator is more and more thin. That is why, as describe Gieber & Heydenreich (2016), the authenticity of an artwork is subjected to further discussion because of this later change of the applicable role between creator and conservator. Some conservators may adopt measures in accordance with their ethic principles on the piece of art as if they were themselves the authors. In other cases, it is the artist himself who perform the restoration and conservation of its art objects. In this case, the artist who works with materials often fragile has no competence to deal with them in terms of restoration (chemical knowledge for example). Moreover, he could have no perception of the conservation’s rules or may not share the ethic and policy conservation discourse of a particular Museum or an Art Gallery.

Keywords : creative process, cooperative networks, sociology of art, art-making processes, conservation, contemporary art, museology 

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