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Online publication: The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base

Screenshot of the David Wojnarowicz knowledgebase.

Developed by an interdisciplinary research team at New York University, the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base is intended to aid in future exhibition and conservation of the artist’s works. His personal papers in the Fales Library Downtown Collection serves as a principal source for the resource, along with other archives, online resources, interviews with people who knew or worked with him, and publications by or about him. Included in the resource are annotated bibliographies, a directory of people with whom he worked, and information about selected exhibitions of his work. Designed with scalability in mind, the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base includes templates for entries from future researchers who will continue to add content and map connections.

The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base is a project of the Artist Archives Initiative at New York University. 

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