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MA Research: An Ethical Approach to the Treatment of Aged Rubber-based Pressure Sensitive Tape, Considering its Integral Application to Art on Paper (1960s–1970s)

I am a current student on the MA Conservation of Fine Art Programme (Works of Art on Paper Specialism) at Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK). As part of my dissertation research, I am looking at ethical approaches to the treatment of aged rubber-based pressure sensitive tapes (PSTs) which are integral to modern works of art on paper (1960s-1970s).

I would very much appreciate it if you could complete a short (5 minute) online questionnaire considering any experience you have in the mentioned area. Access to the questionnaire is provided through this link. If you are happy to take part in further discussion, please ensure that you record your name and email in the field provided at the end of the questionnaire. Please also feel free to forward this link to any other conservators you feel may be able to contribute.

All data generated through this survey will be managed and disposed of in accordance with Northumbria University's guidelines.

If there are any questions you have concerning the study, please send an email to 

Thank you for taking the time to consider this research.

Emma Gamble

Northumbria University

MA Conservation of Fine Art