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2003 vector: European Contemporary Art Archives

Since mid-1999 various archives and databases concerned with recent and contemporary art have been co-operating under the name VEKTOR. The long-term goal of this co-operation is the linking of decentralised archives through a central internet interface.

A research project (2000-2003) sponsored by the EU in the framework of the programme Culture 2000, Vektor aims at a qualitatively improved mediation of contemporary art, working on scientific/academic standards to register materials in differently structured institutions (exhibition spaces, museums, libraries, archives).

The project is divided into an academic part dedicated to basic research for art institutions, and into an area where the results are mediated to the audience via exhibitions, multimedia projects, publications, and websites. Evaluations among the partners as well as the audience should gauge the effects of this newly structured mediation work.

The central theme and exemplary part of the research as well as the focus of the exhibitions will be the art production and reception of the late 60s and early 70s, which is currently done with the work on documenta 5 of 1972 by the documenta archive. was founded to feature a wide range of artistic production in Europe. provides information on artists, their activities, presentations in museums or galleries as well as photos and texts. It was initiated by a co-operation between 'basis wien – Kunst, Information und Archiv' in Vienna and the art magazine Kunst-Bulletin in Zurich within the project Vector.

Project management:
basis wien
documentation centre, archives and database on contemporary art


For more information see the Vector website.

See also the website.