2012 New documents from Digitising Contemporary Art project

Posted on Fri, 03/02/2012 - 10:55

Two new good practice documents have been recently added to the Digitising Contemporary Art project website.


Metadata implementation guidelines for digitised contemporary artworks

Authors: Sam Coppens (IBBT/MMLab), Erik Mannens (IBBT/MMLab)

External reviewers: Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (UGent), Patrick Hochstenbach (UGent)

This deliverable D3.1 of the DCA project produces some guidelines for metadata of contemporary art. Based on the state-of-the-art in metadata in the field of contemporary art, these guidelines give an overview of the basic requirements for metadata creation (scheme, vocabulary, name convention, etc.) for cataloguing contemporary art. The guidelines also list all specifications (including an overview of metadata harvesting models) necessary for interoperability with Europeana and other aggregators.


Guidelines for a long time preservation strategy for digital reproductions and metadata

Authors: Sofie Laier Henriksen, Wiel Seuskens & Gaby Wijers (NIMk)

External reviewer: Robert Gillesse (DEN)

These Guidelines for a long-term preservation strategy for digital reproductions and metadata explains how to preserve digital materials such as text, images and video. It gives a theoretical introduction to the subject as well as practical examples of how to manage a collection of digitised and born-digital artworks. Every institution with a digital repository should have a policy and plan to ensure access to content, not only today but also in the future. If digital preservation is not taken into account, the risk of loosing or changing data will become inevitable. Preservation should therefore be a part of digital collection management.


To access these documents see: http://www.dca-project.eu/deliverables

For more information on the Digitising Contemporary Art project see: www.dca-project.eu