2012 06 Workshop Antwerp: Recognizing Photographic Processes and Caring for Photographic Collections

Posted on Fri, 03/02/2012 - 13:44
Date & location: 12 - 14 June 2012. The workshop will take place in the Photo Museum Antwerp - Belgium. http://www.fotomuseum.be/en/index_fomu.jsp?layout=fomu
Target audience: Collection caretakers (curators, archivists and heritage librarians), everyone else interested in conservation and registration of Photographic documents and object & heritage conservators/restorers. And off course everyone with a love for analogue and digital photographic processes and the history of photography.
No background knowledge is necessary.
Language: English.
Price: £365.00
Number of seats: 12
How to subscribe: via http://www.academicprojects.co.uk/course-details.php?courseID=768
This workshop has limited seats, so don’t be late…

Why you should attend: Photographic documents have find their way in to our heritage collections, as well as our personal ones. Images speak more than words, but when it comes to looking at them as objects and explaining the material/technical aspects, they puzzle many of us.  We often feel like the ‘paper’ pictures we have at the moment, will probably stay with us forever. But what happens when these bright and shiny images start to fade, change color, show cracks, even start to smell and you notice other objects in the direct area are deteriorating much more faster than should ‘normally’ be expected? Many photos not only need special attention when it comes to preventive conservation; what delays the decay of one photograph might accelerate the aging of another. Therefore, it is essential that these various types of photographs are properly identified.

But how do you begin to look at these intriguing but complex objects?  That is where this workshop comes in; so be there and get to know your own collection and objects, their nature and their needs. . Methods for the preventive care of photographs and photographic collections also will be discussed and will be seen in action. Mainstream analogue and digital photographic processes will be explained, illustrated and discussed using examples from the large collection at the disposal of the tutors at the FotoMuseum. And maybe there can be a little piece of history revealed just by examining how it is made and which materials where used…

International Academic Projects (IAP), the Photography Museum in Antwerp, FARO. Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage.

Ann Deckers & Herman Maes
Occupation Ann Deckers: Photograph conservator at FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen. Ann studied photograph conservation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and cultural management at the University of Antwerp. She has worked for the FotoMuseum Antwerp since 2000 and is a guest lecturer at the VSPW Library School in Ghent.
Occupation Herman Maes: Senior Conservator, Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam