2012 04 Kick off meetings Future Study on Art & Technology

Posted on Fri, 04/20/2012 - 08:34
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The STT Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends recently initiated a futures study on Art & Technology. The goal of this project is to explore future forms of interaction between art and technology. The project focuses on both the role of technology in the process of art creation and the significance of technology in the (re)presentation of existing art.
On April 26 and May 24 the project will be ‘formally’ launched by means of two kick-off meetings in Amsterdam. STT invites you to join us at these meeting.
Please note that the language spoken at the meetings will be Dutch.
For more information on the meetings and to register, please go to http://www.stt.nl/uploads/documents/257.pdf.
For general information on the foresight study, please visit www.stt.nl/ART