2006 Audiovisual Preservation for Culture, Heritage and Academic Collections. One-day course.

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One-Day course of what you need to know - and who! (preliminary announcement)


10 November 2006, at King's College London, Centre for Computing in the Humanities.


Seventy percent of all audiovisual material is under immediate threat of deterioration, damage

or obsolescence - and seventy percent of collection managers don't know it.  Surveys have

found serious shortages of trained staff and equipment, and an even more serious shortage of

concerted preservation actions. The immediate needs are:  awareness - and help.


This one day course will provide basic information on the problems of audiovisual

material, what to do about them - and where to get help and more information.  The targets are

culture, heritage and academic collections, to focus on a group of people and collections with

broadly similar issues and solutions.


Sponsored by:

King's Digital Consultancy Service, website: King's College London

British Universities Film and Video Council

Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe



Fee: £60 includes lunch for non-profit making organizations (VAT will not be charged) or £180

(plus VAT) for the corporate sector (who will be allocated any remaining places not taken).


Early registration is advised, as numbers will be limited to approximately 25 persons.

For registration and further information, please go to the website: King's Digital Consultancy


Programme for the day:


Basics: (1.5 hrs)

Welcome and Introduction - KDCS

Basic facts about audiovisual materials - BBC

Lessons to be learnt from major film and video digitisation projects - BUFVC

Digital Audiovisual Preservation: AHDS - Arts and Humanities Data Service


Case Studies: (1.5 hrs)

The ITN News Archive - a JISC project

The British Library Sound Archive - a JISC project

Preservation and access at the BFI - British Film Institute

Preservation and Commercialisation - Imperial War Museum

Preservation in a Research Institute - Welcome Institute


Advanced topics: (2 hrs)

Preservation Cost models - Southampton University (PrestoSpace)

Audiovisual Websites and Portals - System Simulation Ltd (PrestoSpace)

Metadata - BBC

Sources of Help: PrestoSpace, TAPE, JISC, KDCS, AHDS, EC- BBC

The JISC strategy for the future of audiovisual collections - JISC Open

Question and Answer session.


Attendees may book 15 minute individual  consultancy sessions with the speakers from BBC, AHDS, KDCS and Prestospace after the end of the course until 6.00pm.


Information contact:

Simon Tanner

Director,  King's Digital Consultancy Services

King's College London

Kay House, 7 Arundel Street, London WC2R 3DX

tel: +44 (0)20 7848 1678 or +44 (0)7887 691716

email: simon.tanner@kcl.ac.uk

website: digital consultancy