2004 International Symposium on Video Art in Bremen

Posted on Fri, 10/03/2008 - 09:01

Present Continuous Past(s)

Video Art. Strategies of Presentation and Mediation




University of the Arts, Bremen


As an art medium, video has transformed the perception of artistic practices since the late 1960s. Under the influence of new image technologies not only the formal aspects of presentation have changed, but also the conditions of reception have been affected by this radical transformation of representational modes. Video art has played a central role in international museums and survey exhibitions since the 1960s.


Beyond their temporary visibility in changing contexts of presentation however, video works are often insufficiently documented......


The programme addresses four main issues:


State of the Art: Original – Concept – Format – Reproduction

New Media Conditions: Intention – Reception

Closed Circuit: Distribution – Dissemination – Documentation

Open Source: Perspectives of Mediation