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Pedro Braga dos Reis

Museology and Museography Master studente - Contemporary Art Technician

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What is your education and/or training? 
Graduated on Conservation and Restoration in IPT, Tomar, Portugal with an expertise in furniture restoration; in 2004. After that I worked for several years as a freelance, trying to understand as much as I could about several other disciplines of restoration, mainly buildings. In 2009 started to work directly with Joana Vasconcelos, Portuguese artist, first as assistant and then as technical director, and technical exhibitions manager, and also as team manager. This happened mainly because of my former formation on restoration, which I think was a major argument and also a big start to keep on researching on solutions for all the problems related to the world of contemporary art. For now I'm investing on a new add on, a master degree on Museology and Museography which I believe is an area with a future challenge dealing with this kind of works. For work, I now do consulting for plastics artists.