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Ilka van Steen

Ilka van Steen, MA (NL) is the coordinator at INCCA since 2021. She is also the assistant-coordinator of the Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (SBMK) and works as a content coordinator at Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). She has obtained degrees in art history and law at University Utrecht and University of Amsterdam.

Her professional interest lies in the facilitation of knowledge building and sharing in the field of conservation, restoration and presentation of contemporary art, modern art and design She believes it is paramount that the conservation of art has a field-driven, multidisciplinary international approach with an emphasis on ethical as much as material elements. Her function as coordinator at INCCA is to serve as a midpoint in the field. In this role she connects collection managers, conservators, curators, scientists and researchers from all over the world. She has worked on various SBMK projects such as Opening Up! Collection Centre Strategies, Modern Art: Who Shares? and Collection Knowledge 2.0- Photography, next to DAE’s annual Graduation Show and the GEO—DESIGN exhibition series.