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Conservation & Restoration of 3D Printed Sculptures and objects. Research in 3D printing finishing techniques.
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  • Started on January 11, 2016
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My latest challenge was a fun one - check out this restoration of a sandstone 3D print that came out with a pretty significant hole due to shell errors in the file. In order to avoid a re-print I created a graft, infill, and hand painted to colour match! The adhesive and infill material used are the same materials used by the printer to create the object in the first place! This repair took me approximately one hour! Materials Graft: Cheese cloth Infill: VisiJet® PXL™
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This PET plastic rabbit was printed on a Delta Tower 3D Printer, it can print up to 3 feet tall. Unfortunately the printer has an open print bed area and fluctuations in temperature and humidity can result in imperfections during printing. For this large scale rabbit this was just the case, the upper rear end of the rabbit was missing areas of material resulting in an unfinished look and loss of consistent texture along the body of the rabbit.
Submitted on 29 March 2016 - Number of comments: 0
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Skin mold created using silicone rubber.

Area of loss, imperfections that occurred during the printing process.

Creating the skin mold with Smooth-On Rebound 25 Silicone Rubber

Apoxie Sculpt applied in areas of loss and textured using the skin mold.

One of several coats of paint used to colour match the original object.